Bring the joy back to retail.

NewStore is the only mobile POS with integrated cloud order management. Retailers like UNTUCKit and Decathlon use our platform and store associate apps to deliver end-to-end omnichannel capabilities with simplicity and ease.

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Cloud-Based Order Management.

Provide consistent and superior brand experiences across all touchpoints with ease. NewStore’s Order Management is built right into the core platform.

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Omnichannel Order Routing.

Always have the customer’s size in stock by selling inventory from any location. Route orders efficiently to reduce fulfillment time and cost while increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Manage the entire customer lifecycle across all channels - e-commerce, stores, call center, and mobile.

  • Apply rules-based configuration and item-level order routing, based on location, inventory availability, fulfillment capacity, customer service level, and more.

  • Inject orders from all channels for routing and fulfillment, including e-commerce and consumer apps.

Store Fulfillment.

Modernize omnichannel fulfillment to maximize store productivity and get product to customers faster.

  • Offer buy online pickup in-store with threshold rules and buy online return in-store.

  • Collect customer email addresses after checkout to create profiles and send sales receipts.

  • Prioritize fulfillment requests with a guided pick-and-pack workflow optimized for staff availability.

  • Split and re-route orders in case of missing, damaged, or inaccurate inventory.

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Enterprise Inventory.

Gain accurate, real-time time information about inventory to connect customers with products and improve full-price sell-through. Access inventory across the entire organization to drive revenue and reduce the risk of product shortages

  • View product availability and available to promise inventory (ATP) across all locations, including stores, DCs, and 3PLs.

  • Expose near real-time omnichannel inventory and fulfillment options to your e-commerce site.

  • Enable store pickup with configurable safety stock and threshold rules to prevent in-store stock-outs.

  • Manage store inventory with guided workflows for fulfillment, receiving, transfers, and cycle counts using only an iPhone.

Customer Service.

Make it as easy as possible for customers to get what they want. Build deeper customer relationships with exceptional service and convenient, seamless shopping experiences

  • Access real-time omnichannel customer information, such as transactions across all channels, average transaction amount, customer purchase activity, customer statistics, and more.

  • View a single source of truth for all orders across the enterprise.

  • Manage and execute appeasements, refunds, credits, order modifications, and cancellations.

  • View order payment history, including split payments, payment methods, status (authorized, captured, etc.), and processor transaction ID.

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Omnichannel Management.

Evolve customer experiences while maintaining the health of your business with real-time insights from all channels in one spot.

  • Customize omnichannel dashboards for a single view of the customer journey.

  • Access real-time enterprise inventory data for all SKUs and locations.

  • Export live and historical data of in-store, fulfillment, and clienteling activity with ease.

We put it in the cloud.

Omnichannel is complicated. We make it simple by putting it in the cloud where you’ll find an always up-to-date, scalable, and secure platform to grow your business on.

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