Bring the joy back to retail.

NewStore is the only mobile POS with integrated cloud order management. Retailers like UNTUCKit and Decathlon use our platform and store associate apps to deliver end-to-end omnichannel capabilities with simplicity and ease.

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Our brand.

Our brand is a set of values, attributes, and artwork that reflects the spirit of our company. Using it consistently will reinforce our passion and commitment to making the world of retail a more connected place.

Visual Identity

Don’t combine the NewStore name or logos, or any portion of them, with any other logo, company name, or generic terms. Please don’t edit, modify, distort, rotate, or recolor the logo.

New Store
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Our main brand color is NewStore Red, with Black as a secondary color. Complimentary colors are used sparingly.

  • NewStore Red
    • R: 239
    • G: 27
    • B: 83
    • #EF1B53
  • Black
    • R: 0
    • G: 0
    • B: 0
    • #000000

We kindly ask you to refrain from the following: