Let’s Transform Retail Together

Who is NewStore?

Our purpose is to humanize the digital shopping experience. We work with some of the most iconic and recognizable fashion and apparel brands in the world, and we’re just getting started. Join NewStore and help us transform retail.

We care about every member of our team as a person, and we know there are challenges ahead of us as we aim to take retail to the next level. This is where you have the greatest opportunity to make an impact – we support your creativity, development, ideas and workflows, enabling you to innovate and deliver great results. For us, the best way of achieving such an ambitious goal is through the talent and wellbeing of our people.


NewStore has more than 150 employees spanning 25+ nationalities across its Boston, New York, Berlin, Hanover, and Erfurt offices.

Everyone at NewStore plays a key role in helping brands to reinvent retail, and NewStore empowers us as professionals and people to develop and grow.

At NewStore, we appreciate the importance of creating an environment in which all of us feel valued, included and empowered to bring great ideas to the table. Our diversity and inclusion efforts focus on:

  • Intercultural Diversity: Leading and managing inclusively, which means we embrace different cultures, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations.
  • Cognitive Diversity: Engaging with each other in a way that reflects and respects every unique perspective, way of solving problems or individual learning processes and the experience of each one of us.

We are: Builders. Problem Solvers. Creators. Change Agents. Leaders. Entrepreneurs. Innovators. Code Hackers. Humble. Hungry. Salespeople. Marketers. Engineers. Product Drivers. Designers. Coffee Lovers. Advisors. Athletes. Magicians. Cooks. Puzzle Makers. Public Speakers. Artists. Avid Learners. Photographers. Mothers. Fathers. Brothers. Sisters. Friends. Partners. Believers. Ever Teachers. Partners in Crime. Dreamers. Surfers. Movie Buffs. Fashionistas. Open Minded. Comedians. Bug Exterminators. Architects. NewStore.

How we Build NewStore

Living our values and growing together

Shared Success

When our team and customers win, we win.

Act on behalf of the entire company, not just our own teams. Walk in the shoes of our customers, team members and partners. We are experts in our field and we find solutions by compromising and making tough decisions together. When our customers win, we win. When our team members win, we win. Together we win.


Commitment to right path forward and engaging in open, honest, ethical interactions.

Be present, observe and respectfully challenge ideas by asking questions, even when doing so is uncomfortable. Ensure that once a decision is taken, we commit and we hold each other accountable. Every word and action comes from a place of care, ensuring debate around ideas and not people. We grow together.


At every turn, we strive to make everything better.

Take smart risks, learn from them and share our learnings. Leave our comfort zones together. Be curious and inquire if this can be done better now. Seek constant improvement and disrupt current processes and ways of working through various perspectives. Everyone is capable of coming up with new ideas and making a difference


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We’re always looking for new talent. Let’s talk!

Current Openings

We’re hiring across a number of teams, positions and office locations.

Engineering & Product Management

Define what retail innovation looks like. You’ll sit on the cutting edge of technology, innovating and playing a massive role in helping us build and shape the tools retailers and their associates use every day.


Marketing & Field Services

You’re a changemaker with a knack for collaboration and accelerating growth. Function cross-departmentally, and be on the front lines working closely with our customers, prospects, and partners.

Internal Services

The engine that runs NewStore. Join our team and help solve problems, be an internal resource for, and, work closely with your colleagues, as well as design, build and operate scalable and efficient business processes.


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