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Retail Industry is Slow to Address Omnichannel for Mobile Consumers

Posted by Casey Antonelli on Nov 2, 2017

Last updated on April 29th, 2020 at 05:11 pm

In a world where obsessive connectivity and instant gratification have become standard, you’d think that retail would be among the first to deliver on the consumer channel of choice: mobile. In reality, the industry is severely lacking. Our second annual Mobile Retail Report reveals why. Think of it as an “omnichannel report card” for the 140 iconic luxury, lifestyle and apparel brands we analyzed.

When we conducted research for the first Mobile Retail Report last year, I was truly shocked to learn that only 22% of brands offer a shoppable native app. I buy more on my phone than through any other channel… and that says a lot because I love the in-store experience. To my husband’s dismay, most weekends include a three to five hour trip to the mall. So when our team of mystery shoppers returned from New York City this summer to report that there has been no change in this native app statistic over 2016, I was more upset than when I didn’t get furry Gucci loafers for Christmas. How is it possible that brands aren’t making progress on the channel that all of their consumers are obsessed with?

In all seriousness, the retail industry is struggling. And it’s not just about mobile apps. Progressive web and responsive websites can deliver the experience consumers desire, but there are too few retailers who have figured out how to use mobile to solve the omnichannel dilemma. The industry’s inability to deliver a decent mobile experience will soon cripple some of our most beloved brands.

To learn more about how retailers and brands use mobile technology to enhance the online and offline shopping experience, and their progress toward adopting mobile into their omnichannel strategies, download your free copy today: www.newstore.com/mobile-retail-report.

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