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The 12 Best Retail Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Posted by Julia Morrissey on May 24, 2022

Last updated on June 9th, 2022 at 11:32 am

If you work in retail, you’ll know this is no ordinary nine-to-five job. There is always something to keep up with, whether at your own brand or within the industry at large. 

Happily, there’s a new(ish) way to keep up with industry trends and market news. If you don’t want to bury your head in a book or scour the Internet, podcasts are big business nowadays. But with so many retail podcasts to choose from, finding a good listen can be time-consuming.

To cut out the chatter, we’ve rounded up 12 of the top retail podcasts you should be listening to. 

1. ModernRetail Podcast

Website / Apple Podcasts / Spotify

With a name that neatly sums up its content, the ModernRetail Podcast features an array of interviews with retail’s big-hitters. Company founders, presidents and general managers from brands like Kids Foot Locker, Bark, and Levi’s consider specific aspects of their brands’ growth (or growing pains). Each weekly podcast is a bite-sized 30-minute overview of specific industry aspects, without getting bogged down in too much detail or attempting to cover too many bases.

2. The Jason & Scot Show

Website / Apple Podcasts / Spotify

Following the principle that two hosts are better than one, Publicis Communications’ Jason Goldberg squares off every two weeks against ChannelAdvisor founder Scot Wingo. Podcasts range from interviews with high-profile guests to market data analysis and reviews of industry events like Shoptalk 2022.  

3. Remarkable Retail

Website / Apple Podcasts / Spotify

Steve Dennis has been named a top 5 retail influencer by multiple organizations. It’s no surprise then, that he co-hosts the Remarkable Retail podcast with Michael LeBlanc where they talk all about modern retail. The episodes are based on Steve’s unique “8 Essentials of Remarkable Retail” framework, and feature special guests from innovative brands such as CAMP and Indochino. It’s a lively and interactive journey you don’t want to miss. 

4. RETHINK Retail

Website / Apple Podcasts / Spotify

The RETHINK Retail podcast is a bite-sized broadcast whose twice-weekly episodes typically last less than half an hour. There’s a specific focus on innovation and the industry’s future, examining news and trends to predict where retail might be headed. One recent episode featured an interview with Wayfairs’s R&D Director Shrenik Sadalgi on exploring the future of immersive retail experiences. This neatly sums up the podcast’s desire to look ahead rather than backward.

5. Retail Gets Real

Website / Apple Podcasts / Spotify

Produced by the National Retail Federation and sponsored by PwC, there’s no disputing the credentials of the Retail Gets Real podcast. A new episode is uploaded every Tuesday, with high-profile executives, entrepreneurs, and influencers being interviewed alongside analyses of new policies, trends, and industry changes. As with other entries on our list, there’s a focus on emerging trends and the future shape of retail. That makes this an invaluable listen for retail execs wanting/needing/hoping to make effective future plans.

6. Retail Redeveloped

Website / Apple Podcasts / Spotify

Retail Redeveloped is more free-ranging than other business retail podcasts on this list. New content is released ad hoc rather than on a fixed schedule, ranging from four minutes to one hour in length. Nonetheless, this is an intriguing listen, not least since presenter Adam Williams has a real estate background and focuses on failures as well as successes. 

7. The Retail Exchange

Website / Apple Podcasts / Spotify

The Retail Exchange prides itself on sharing interviews with more senior retail and brand leaders than any other retail podcast. Industry leaders from brands such as Unilever, Pandora, and Benefit Cosmetics have all recently been on the podcast. In addition to interviewing prominent figures in the retail space, the podcast offers event reviews and insights on emerging trends and innovation. 

8. Total Retail Talks

Website / Apple Podcasts / Spotify

Total Retail Talks is a great podcast for retail executives looking to expand their knowledge and gain deeper insights into the ever-changing world of retail. Through engaging discussions and thoughtful interviews, industry leaders can stay up-to-date on the latest trends. Recent topics on the podcast include the Neiman Marcus Group’s environmental and social initiatives and the impact of such programs, how a bridal store prepared for the ‘Year of the Wedding,’ and Nordstrom’s new retail media network.

9. Tell Me Something Good About Retail

Website / Apple Podcasts / Spotify

Hosted by Bob Phibbs, aka the Retail Doctor, a leading expert on brick-anD-mortar retail, the Tell Me Something Good About Retail podcast is packed with useful information. The podcast offers valuable insights on how to compete in physical retail, including tips around training your sales team, marketing tactics, and how to run a smooth operation. 

10. Retailistic

Website / Apple Podcasts

Retailistic is hosted by Deborah Weinswig, the founder and CEO of Coresight Research, which is a firm that helps retail brands accelerate innovation and growth. The podcast features discussions on the current and future state of retail, events in the industry, and the impact of technology. Recently, retail leadership executive and best selling author Ron Thurston was on the podcast discussing his journey to discover everyday retail heroes in America.

11. 2X eCommerce

Website / Apple Podcasts / Spotify

Hosted by Kunle Campbell, an ecommerce growth consultant and business advisor, the 2X eCommerce podcast hosts interviews with digital retail experts at the forefront of technology and innovation. On this weekly podcast you can gain insights about customer acquisition, retention strategies, and more from founders of high-growth direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. The learnings will help you take your DTC brand to the next level. 

12. Endless Aisle

Website / Apple Podcasts / Spotify

That’s right, NewStore’s very own retail podcast, Endless Aisle. Expertly hosted by Sr. Director of Marketing, Marcus LaRobardiere, our podcast packs insightful analysis alongside good fun. Each podcast stars industry leads, from REISS’s Emma Taylor to The Maze Group’s Jeremy Levine. It’s one of many resources we produce to give brands a holistic overview of industry developments. These episodes are essential listening for anyone who lives and breathes retail.

Want more insight into the world of retail? The NewStore blog is another rich repository of research-led analysis and insights into the latest trends.

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