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Transforming retail for a mobile-first world

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What do you want from your NewStore?

mobile conversion

I want to boost my mobile conversion rates

Mobile Mindshift – Put nothing between your customers’ needs and the ability to buy in the moment. Let them buy now...anywhere...with just one-tap.

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omnichannel commerce

I want to unify the online and offline shopping experience

Outstanding Omnichannel  Cut through the omnichannel challenge and break those organizational silos. Your consumers don't make a distinction between offline and online - why should you?

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modernize fulfillment

I want to fulfill quicker and cheaper than my competition

Fantastic Fulfillment – Turn your stores into virtual urban warehouses, and ship quicker and cheaper than ever before. Sorry Amazon. Who’s Prime now?!

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engaged and loyal customer

I want to increase customer engagement and loyalty

Elevated Engagement – Marry in-store analytics with web and native app data to generate rich understanding at headquarters that can be shared across the enterprise. Why settle for loyalty when you can have love?

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Complimentary Report

After months of extensive research and investigation the results are in!

The first-of-its-kind 2016 Mobile Retail Report has taken a holistic research approach with an in-depth analysis of 112 luxury, lifestyle and fashion brands to evaluate their mobile acuity online and offline.

The future of retail is mobile. Download your copy of the 2016 Mobile Retail Report and learn:

  • What the current mobile customer journey is like and why it’s not making the grade
  • Best-in-class examples of mobile strategies done right
  • Actionable next steps on how to better compete in a mobile-first world
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