Outdoor Voices Activates The Future of Omnichannel Retail

By - June 13, 2019

The activewear category is growing faster than traditional fashion, driven by both new and mature brands. At the top of the leader pack, though, is Outdoor Voices – one of the fastest rising brands in the industry. It’s not just about the colorful exercise essentials for OV, although they’re as popular as ever – it’s about the community it has built and its mission to Get the World Moving.

When we say community, we’re talking about the #DoingThings community. A nationwide group of “Recreational enthusiasts” who are Doing Things for the fun and joy they bring to every day. There is no pressure of performance, just a belief that physical activity means different things to different people – and it should be celebrated as such.

Building A Seamless Experience

The #DoingThings community is at the core of the Outdoor Voices brand. When it opened its first brick-and-mortar locations (back in August 2014), they were created to be not only a place to shop but also to gather to do things – yoga, jogging, guided meditation…you name it.

Today Outdoor Voices has nine shops with more planned, including a new location in New York’s Flatiron District opening this year. With more Recreational enthusiasts and shops nationwide, the brand wanted to renew its focus on customer relationship. In our digital world, that means ensuring all touchpoints are secure, seamless and cohesive, whether in-store, online or on social media.

More Time For #DoingThings

To take away the manual efforts of “Team OV” and reinvigorate the customer shopping experience, Outdoor Voices has introduced NewStore in its retail locations across the country. With the NewStore platform and our iPhone apps, OV store teams can seamlessly bridge the online and in-store shopping experience. This is made possible by their real-time access to customer, order and inventory data from the palm of their hand.

Most companies go mobile to redefine how work gets done, and that’s exactly the case for Outdoor Voices. By investing in the NewStore platform, the company is transforming its interactions with both customers and Team OV. Every associate becomes a walking point of sale with NewStore. (The emphasis is on walking because Outdoor Voices is passionate about getting its team moving too!) They can execute once cumbersome tasks – such as store fulfillment, inventory management, and endless aisle – all from an iPhone. No convoluted processes or clunky systems necessary.

Get The World Moving

It’s no surprise Outdoor Voices is well on its way to becoming the next great activewear brand. The company is doing all the right things to differentiate itself – quality product, hot collaborations, stellar social media marketing. Most important though, is its commitment to delivering a high level of personalized service to its community, in every shop, and with every interaction.

We’re excited to be part of Team OV! You should join the #DoingThings community too. Visit to get moving in a city near you. If you’re interested in learning how NewStore can help your brand activate the future of retail, request a demo!


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