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NewStore is the only mobile POS with integrated cloud order management. Retailers like UNTUCKit and Decathlon use our platform and store associate apps to deliver end-to-end omnichannel capabilities with simplicity and ease.

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Retail’s Next Act: Survival of the Innovative

A COVID-19 report on future-proofing your retail brand for tomorrow.

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The impact of the COVID-19 global health crisis on the retail industry is unprecedented. There isn’t a clear other time when retail stores in every corner of the world were mandated to close. But doors will reopen and consumers will return. While we can’t put a timeline on it today, what we can do as an industry is future-proof our businesses for tomorrow.

The retail environment we’re experiencing now will accelerate the trend to run stores as part of an integrated digital strategy. This means brands need to lean into the direct-to-consumer model that brings them closer to their customers and opens up key omnichannel capabilities.

There isn’t a single formula for all brands, but the cornerstones of omnichannel can help create an operation that’s ready for the inevitable return of retail.