Bring the joy back to retail.

NewStore is the only mobile POS with integrated cloud order management. Retailers like UNTUCKit and Decathlon use our platform and store associate apps to deliver end-to-end omnichannel capabilities with simplicity and ease.

NewStore + Proximity Insight

Proximity Insight’s platform puts cutting-edge clienteling capabilities in the hands of sales associates to drive engagement and ensure that every interaction with your customer is memorable.

Personalized Recommendations.

Today’s shoppers expect product recommendations to be more than a plain list of associated products or recent browsing history, right? Leveraging NewStore’s 360-degree omnichannel transaction history in combination with Proximity Insight’s outreach technology, store associates can make meaningful recommendations to customers and unlock massive upsell potential.

Personalized Notifications.

Want to treat your premium customers with an even more personalized shopping experience? Give your store associate the ability to inform them that their order has been picked, packed and is ready for them to pick it up at their convenience. It’s a push notification that stands out from the rest!

Schedule Outreach Reminders.

Made a sale and want to follow up in a week or two? No problem. With the deep integration of Proximity Insight within the NewStore Associate App, your employees can set up reminders right from their checkout summary page. On top of that you can also configure automated reminders for your associates to follow up after sales or send a message to a customer on their birthday. The upsale is just a message away.

Deep Linking.

Shouldn’t integrated software suites also feel like integrated experiences for your store associates? Through native integration using deep linking technology your associates can directly jump between NewStore and Proximity Insight without disrupting their workflow.

In-Store Inventory.

Enhance catalog browsing in Proximity Insight with deep links to NewStore’s 360 degree inventory view. Just one tap lets your associates know how they can make the sale.

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