In 2015, serial entrepreneur Stephan Schambach drafted the best and the brightest in the tech, commerce and retail industries to form NewStore.

Stephan Schambach
Founder and CEO

Stephan is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of creating and growing successful tech companies in the United States and Europe. Under his leadership and vision, he brought Intershop and Demandware to IPOs with multi-billion dollar market caps. In 2016, Demandware was acquired by Salesforce and is now known as Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NewStore, Stephan is setting out to change the market once again. This time by solving the omnichannel problem facing so many retailers and brands.

He has won numerous awards around the world for his technology and entrepreneurial leadership. He is an investor in several software and green-tech startups, and he will soon publish his first book, Makeover: How Mobile Flipped the Shopping Cart.

Ulrike Mueller

Ulrike is a passionate and visionary technologist who has been creating innovative software products her whole career. Most recently she was responsible as co-founder and Chief Software Architect for Demandware’s SaaS ecommerce platform and prior to that she was Chief Software Architect for Intershop’s enterprise offering.

As Chief Technology Officer at NewStore, Ulrike will lead the technology strategy while working closely with product management, engineering and marketing to align product and technology into a comprehensive offering for the ecommerce and retail industry.

Ulrike Mueller CTO
Phil Granof

Phil is an award winning marketing executive with over 20 years of experience in marketing strategy and brand development. Prior to NewStore, Phil was Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Black Duck Software, a global enterprise software company where he successfully repositioned the entire brand, built a modern marketing organization, and simultaneously redefined an industry.

As Chief Marketing Officer of NewStore, Phil combines his analytical data-driven approach to marketing with creative vision to oversee Demand Generation, Product Marketing and Management, Brand Development and Corporate Communications.

NewStore_CMO Phil Granof CMO
Tom Schuster
Senior VP, Field Services

Tom is a driven, energetic, and seasoned leader, who was recently Chief Executive Officer at Searchmetrics where he drove expansion into international markets. Prior to Searchmetrics he held senior positions at SugarCRM and Arbor Networks.

As Senior Vice President of Field Services at NewStore, Tom will lead the sales and customer service departments and is responsible for all things concerning the customer at NewStore.

Tom Schuster Senior VP, Field Services
Joel Abdinoor

Joel is an experienced leader in building, restructuring, transforming and increasing the profitability of companies in a diverse range of life cycle including start-up, high growth and market & product expansion. He was previously Vice President of Finance at DataXu where he led the finance and accounting teams globally.

As CFO at NewStore, Joel will oversee finance and operations while working across the organization to optimize the business for growth.

Joel Abdinoor CFO
Andi Zink
Senior VP, Engineering

Andi is a strategic technology executive, who is passionate about building innovative software with high performance teams. From real-time analytics to highly transactional systems, he has extensive experience in formulating and executing technology strategies to successfully deliver complex enterprise products.

As Senior Vice President of Engineering at NewStore, Andi will focus on building a world class engineering organization that builds products to reinvent retail in the mobile age.

Andi Zink Senior VP, Engineering
Alexander Ringsdorff
VP, Corporate Development

Alexander is a dedicated and hardworking executive who has been a serial entrepreneur in ecommerce since 2001. Prior to joining NewStore, Alexander was Chief Executive Officer of CouchCommerce GmbH where he guided online stores into the Post-PC Commerce Age to unify their commerce experience.

As Vice President of Corporate Development at NewStore, Alexander is leading strategic alliances, technology partnerships, investor relations, identifying and acquiring companies (M&A), as well as developing and leading market strategies that position the NewStore to achieve long-term growth.

NewStore_VP_Business_Development Alexander Ringsdorff VP, Corporate Development
Marcel Mansfeld
VP, Product Management

Marcel is a smart and determined leader with 10 years experience in product management and product design. After his studies of Computer Sciences in Germany he was Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the award-winning startup pepperbill GmbH, where he developed an iOS-based POS solution for the European hospitality market.

As Vice President of Product Management at NewStore, Marcel will lead his team to design powerful and feature-rich products with beautiful and intuitive user interfaces which exceed customer expectations and set the industry standard.

Marcel Mansfeld VP, Product Management
Michael Waldron
VP, Marketing

Michael is an energetic and forward-thinking marketing executive with over 15 years of marketing, branding, communications and demand generation experience. Previously, Michael managed a global team of marketing professionals as the Director of Marketing at Black Duck Software.

As Vice President of Marketing at NewStore, Michael is responsible for revenue marketing and ensuring the demand generation, social media, communications, sales and branding strategies are aligned to ensure the company reaches its sales goals.

Michael Waldron VP, Marketing
Kai-Thomas Krause
VP, Engineering

Kai is a compassionate and thoughtful leader who always puts his employees first. He was previously Chief Operating Officer and Founder of CouchCommerce where he lived by the motto “if it were that simple, anyone could do it.”

As Vice President of Engineering at NewStore, Kai is responsible for leading the young agile team of engineers under his commerce expertise and energetic technical mindset to disrupt and reinvent the retail industry.

Kai-Thomas Krause VP, Engineering
Albert “Ulli” Ullrich
VP, QA and Infrastructure

Albert (Ulli) is a talented IT executive with over 27 years of experience in business and industrial IT. He comes to NewStore from Black Duck Software where he oversaw the QA and Infrastructure areas from early startup state to dominant market leader maturity.

In his position as Vice President of Quality Assurance and Infrastructure, Ulli is responsible for building quality assurance, developer operations, production and customer support functions.

Albert “Ulli” Ullrich VP, QA and Infrastructure
Amy Suchanek-Vacca
VP, People Operations & Strategy

Amy is an authentic and energetic leader with more than 16 years of global human resources experience and a passion for teamwork, making a difference, and unlocking potential!

As Vice President of People Operations & Strategy, Amy is responsible for leading NewStore’s global people strategy. Most recently, Amy was the VP HR at Hearts On Fire. Previously, Amy spent almost 15 years with adidas Group, where she held various human resources roles and spent much of her time living and working abroad, primarily in Germany and Hong Kong.

Amy Suchanek-Vacca VP, People Operations & Strategy
Hendrik Hoppe
VP, Services

Hendrik is a determined and experienced service leader who has built and led service organizations for the past 20 years. He previously led a global services team at Demandware (Salesforce commerce cloud). In addition to managing services teams under a P&L, he helped ramp up a significant partner ecosystem designed to build and maintain global customer rollouts.

As VP of Services, Hendrik is managing Support, Professional Services, as well as, the System Integrators Partner network to ensure timely, efficient and high quality project implementations on the NewStore technology.

Hendrik Hoppe VP, Services