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Goorin Bros Hangs Hat On Store Fulfillment

Last updated on March 22nd, 2022 at 02:18 pm

Goorin Bros® is a family-owned, American retailer that has designed and sold premium headwear for over 125 years. The legacy was built back in 1895 by artisan hatmaker Cassel Goorin who sold his craft on horseback. Today, Cassel’s great-grandson, a fourth-generation hatter, runs the company. He is focused on bringing the brand’s remarkable and reputable hats to customers online and at 28 premium shops across the United States. 

Aaron Wyse (Controller), Tabitha Benson-Calloway (Sr. Manager, Retail Operations), and Alex Mroz (Sr. Digital Styling Manager) of Goorin Bros discuss implementing the NewStore Omnichannel Platform in Goorin’s fleet of U.S. stores.

Why NewStore

As a centenarian brand, Goorin has had to evolve through many different cycles in retail, as well as multiple recessions, the Great Depression, World Wars, and now another pandemic. It was able to survive through yesteryear with legacy technology, but it knew those systems would not be enough to support its brand experience moving forward. 

Goorin’s previous retail technology required an enormous amount of time and effort to maintain and fix when broken. To grow into the future, it desperately needed to eliminate the overhead of people constantly needing to address problems – especially those related to integrations and data between the brand’s POS and ERP. Furthermore, it wanted a system that was easy to use and enabled it to be flexible both in its customer journeys and its operations during trying times.

Simply put, Goorin believes in the power of being an omnichannel business. In order to write its next chapter – what it calls Goorin 2.0 – it wanted to invest in a system that would allow it to maximize the value of every customer touchpoint. This is the basis of the NewStore Omnichannel Platform, so it selected the company to replace its existing, well-known POS and modernize its direct to consumer store network.

“While we’ve had a limited omnichannel solution in the past, NewStore allows us to fully realize the vision we’ve always had for Goorin Bros…It would not have been possible to pivot so quickly without a flexible platform. NewStore has features and functionality aligned with the future of retail. The urgency has only become more critical with the current pandemic; we need to be wherever our customer is, providing convenience and flexibility.”

— Ben Goorin, Fourth-Generation Hatter & CEO, Goorin Bros

Unlocking Revenue

NewStore is the first cloud platform combining POS, order management, inventory, and native clienteling. This connectivity and enterprise visibility is important to Goorin because it wants to make its limited production hats available to shoppers regardless of where they are located. Whether a loyal, repeat customer adding to their collection or a new customer discovering the brand for the first time, the brand is passionate about consumers having the opportunity to embrace the bold hat lifestyle.

With store inventory management and store fulfillment built into the core NewStore platform, Goorin has seen an immediate impact from omnichannel. In Q4 of 2020, 60% of units shipped were fulfilled from its stores. Instead of canceling an online order because its 3PL is out of stock, it can look at the inventory for the store closest to the customer’s zip code and move it from there. This has helped Goorin fulfill more high-priced items with 53% of sales coming from units shipped from stores.

It’s also a seamless process for Goorin store associates to fulfill from the store. All retail services are executed from iPhone applications. With NewStore, Goorin can simply unlock a customer experience that matches the quality of its premium hats. 


  • Omnichannel OMS
  • Mobile POS
  • Store Inventory
  • Store Fulfillment
  • Endless Aisle
  • Remote Selling
  • Omnichannel Insights


  • 60% of units shipped from store fulfillment
  • 53% of sales from units shipped from store fulfillment
  • Retailing from iPhone

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