Mark Steele Joins NewStore as Chief Revenue Officer

Statements from Stephan Schambach and Mark Steele

November 29, 2017

Statement from Stephan Schambach:

I’ve made a career of bringing brands into the next phase of retail through technology and innovation. With NewStore, we are helping retailers go where Amazon cannot by providing a turnkey omnichannel solution that actually humanizes the digital shopping experience. Today the potential for NewStore grows as we welcome Mark Steele as our Chief Revenue Officer. Mark was previously the EVP of Sales at Tulip Retail. Prior to that he spent time at Speed Commerce, Oracle, and ATG.

In my book, Makeover: How Mobile Flipped the Shopping Cart, I discuss the “Store Relationship Makeover” detailing how stores have changed and how mobile can be the facilitator for brick and mortar success. Mark could have written that chapter. He has a deep understanding of ecommerce, retail, and the transition stores must make to thrive in the digital age. He’s been instrumental in helping retailers leverage mobile in brick and mortar.

Getting from good to great requires talent. Bringing Mark on board rounds out our already stellar C-Suite, and I can think of no better person to help retailers make the step to omnichannel. I am more confident than ever in our ability to execute on our vision. I say this not only from having done this before, but also because of my team’s passion, dedication, and creativity. To borrow a phrase from our customer adidas:

“Impossible is Nothing.”

Statement from Mark SteeleChief Revenue Officer, NewStore:

I remember sitting in sales meetings at ATG when we were told “don’t worry about Demandware, they won’t be around next year, we’ll beat them every chance we get.” We were evaluated against Demandware all the time, and never gave them any credit. We thought their shared success model would die on the vine. But over and over again, they proved their solution to be far superior and successfully created the first repeatable model for delivering ecommerce as a service. The company had a successful IPO on the NYSE in 2012 and was later acquired by Salesforce in 2015 for nearly $3 billion dollars.

I’ve admired Stephan Schambach, the founder of Demandware, since the early days of ecommerce and I’ve always wanted to work with him in some capacity. He has been one of the key entrepreneurs in the reinvention of retail, time and time again.

Today I am thrilled to announce that I have accepted the position of Chief Revenue Officer at NewStore, and will be joining Stephan and his team in their mission to reinvent retail once again.

Three years ago when I joined Tulip Retail, we were sitting on the cusp of retailers acknowledging that they had to reinvent the store, and more importantly the role of the store associate. My journey at Tulip was extremely rewarding. I have had the privilege of working with some of the brightest minds in the industry. We created the market segment for mobile in-store. I saw the company grow from 15 employees to nearly 150. We grew from a single customer to partnering with some of the world’s biggest retail brands; expanded into EMEA and South America; established partnerships with big names like Apple, Cisco, and SAP; and throughout this journey we also raised Series A and Series B financing from leading firms such as Jump Capital, Kleiner Perkins and Fung Capital.

People don’t always have the luxury of good timing when a new opportunity presents itself. For me, this feels like the right time to make a career move, and NewStore feels like the right choice.

The proliferation of mobile devices continues to disrupt the way people shop, and it’s creating significant pressure for retailers who must meet customer expectations for a consistent experience across all channels. Despite the many solutions available to them, retailers are still struggling to figure out how to compete in the age of digital and solve this big dilemma called omnichannel. NewStore breaks down the channel siloes challenging many retailers today, by empowering them to deliver a single unified experience to their customer regardless of when or where they decide to engage.

How can we make the physical store a retailer’s biggest asset? I believe NewStore holds the key. NewStore is the only mobile retail platform that spans the entire customer journey. It covers Order Management, Clienteling, mPOS, Consumer Applications, and Modern Fulfillment. Imagine this: you get a push notification on your smartphone from a store associate at your favorite retail brand. It’s a discount code for the briefcase you were exploring on their website last night and in one click you’ve used Apple Pay to check out. Within 15 minutes, your order is on its way to wherever you are… and you can watch it in real-time the same way you do waiting for an Uber. Not even Amazon can do that.

Stephan figured out that omnichannel will never happen without using mobile as the means to unify online and the physical store. The team at NewStore is making it a reality, and I’m excited to be a part of that journey!

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