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Research Report Finds Most Brands Struggle to Deliver on Their Omnichannel Strategies

Posted by on Oct 9, 2019

Last updated on October 30th, 2019 at 07:07 am

2019-2020 Omnichannel Leadership Report benchmarks 200 brands, identifying areas of momentum and opportunities for transformation

Nike, Athleta, Moncler, Louis Vuitton and Banana Republic capture top five spots in omnichannel retail ranking

BOSTON – October 9, 2019 – NewStore, the first to provide Omnichannel-as-a-Service, today released its annual Omnichannel Leadership Report, a critical assessment of over 200 luxury, premium and lifestyle brands. The report exposes the retail industry’s ability to deliver omnichannel from discovery and purchase through fulfillment. NewStore engaged a team of researchers to act as secret shoppers to audit each brand’s experience and technology across store, web, mobile and call centers.

The report takes a critical look at how brands are acting on their omnichannel strategies, from applying digital to brick-and-mortar to integrating technology and innovation into their customer experiences. One common thread is that the leaders are using mobile. They have only small gaps in their omnichannel experience, while the laggards are not using mobile at all and barely have a semblance of omnichannel.

While the overall omnichannel competence score is low at 40 out of 100, there is significant momentum. Data reveal progress over last year:

“While we have seen great progress over last year, it’s not happening fast enough. The Omnichannel Leadership Report shows that very few brands are doing well across all facets of omnichannel. The brands that really struggle are those that operate online and in-store in silos, on systems that were never built with other channels in mind,” said Stephan Schambach, Founder and CEO, NewStore. “The key to omnichannel is having a single system for real-time omni data – inventory, customers and orders. And more importantly, putting this in the hands of store associates.”

2019-2020 Omni Leaders

  1. Nike
  2. Athleta
  3. Moncler
  4. Louis Vuitton
  5. Banana Republic

Download the report for free at www.newstore.com/omnichannel-leadership-report. To find out how your brand scored, visit www.newstore.com/myscore.

About the Omnichannel Leadership Report

The Omnichannel Leadership Report is an assessment of over 200 luxury, premium and lifestyle brands’ omnichannel competence. As secret shoppers, our team of researchers audited each brand in-store and online, engaging and interacting with store technologies and systems, store associates and managers, as well as brand call centers, mobile properties and websites. Data were collected on each brand across five key areas of the modern customer journey: Discovery, Purchase, Fulfillment, Consumer Engagement and Associate Mobility. Each brand received a score from 0 – 100 (100 being the optimal score) in each category, as well as an overall score. All of the data points were weighted based on their significance to the omnichannel customer experience.

About NewStore

NewStore operates a platform for retailers to run their stores on iPhone. It provides Omnichannel-as-a-Service with the only integrated cloud OMS and mobile POS. Intuitive store associate apps allow retailers to offer seamless shopping experiences through endless aisle, mobile checkout, store fulfillment, real-time inventory and clienteling. With an API-first architecture and an expansive ecosystem of partners, retailers can deploy fast and flexible omnichannel with ease. Brands that run on the NewStore platform include Decathlon, Outdoor Voices, UNTUCKit and more. NewStore was founded by Stephan Schambach, who pioneered ecommerce at Demandware (now Salesforce Commerce Cloud). The company has offices in Berlin, Boston and New York. Learn more at www.newstore.com.

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