NewStore + Nedap

NewStore with the Nedap !D Cloud RFID solution enables store associates to receive and manage product with complete accuracy from the cloud, resulting in more items sold from across the enterprise.

Inventory Visibility

With RFID scanners you can keep track of all tagged products in your stores. Make cycle counting a fully automated, even ongoing process, with real-time synchronization into the NewStore platform. Over are the days of inventory inaccuracy and uncertainty.

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inventory in app flow for iphone
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Inventory Receiving

Your stores can receive inventory in a matter of seconds through RFID-enabled merchandise. Match packaged item counts with PO orders from your ERP using inventory reception technology from NewStore powered by Nedap !D Cloud.

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products unlocked at checkout on app

Risk Management and Theft Protection

You can finally reduce theft risks and secure your stores with a Nedap RFID-based loss prevention system. Provide your customer a more comfortable try-on process – replace clunky anti-theft tags with RFID labels that come in a variety of sizes and materials. At the point of sale, the NewStore Associate App deactivates labels so your customers can just walk out after they’ve made a purchase.


Using RFID-tagged product labels allows your customers to check out items independently – all they have to do is hold the product label near a reader. This removes the friction from the self-checkout process which directly impacts your revenue potential.

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