Enabling brands to build mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Mobile Web on a single code base.

Deep Customization to Reflect Your Unique Brand

NewStore SDK is a powerful combination of the NewStore Framework and a Reference App designed to capture and reflect the distinctive aspects of each brand while allowing it to capitalize on the benefits of the platform itself, like omnichannel capabilities, speed to market and continuous upgrades.

Take Advantage of Cross-Platform Development

The NewStore SDK is a turnkey solution for launching a brand’s mobile presence at a fraction of the cost and time it takes to develop individual point applications. Over 80% of the code can be reused across channels. Pre-integrated with the NewStore Mobile Retail Platform and its business processes, NewStore SDK is the solution that empowers scalable, effective and affordable development for any brand.

Customize Every Pixel in the App

Every brand is unique and special. NewStore SDK has been designed to capture this remarkable brand equity and convey it on a small screen. Our set of tools and libraries offers deep customization of all visual aspects in the app. Brands’ in-house team or an agency is able to mold and shape the app design to showcase the essence of the brand fully knowing that NewStore can power this experience in the back end.

Make Instant in App Updates

The NewStore SDK is set up to handle in app design and content updates without having to resubmit the app to the app store every time the update is made. This allows for quick and timely fixes of bugs and errors that can be very costly and disruptive to the business.

Attract Affordable Talent

NewStore SDK’s customization approach is based on JavaScript, the foundation for much of the modern web. This means that brands benefit from a large community of web developers who are knowledgeable about JavaScript instead of relying on really scarce and expensive native app developers.

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