A control center for mobile commerce that allows brands to keep a finger on the pulse of their business.

Monitor the Pulse of Your Business in Real Time

NewStore HQ enables retailers to keep their finger on the pulse of their business, understanding their critical KPIs, as well as providing accurate, real-time information about the performance of a retailer’s stores, warehouses, orders, fulfillment, carriers, employees, and customers.

Gain Strategic Insights through Data

NewStore HQ delivers strategic insights through an easy-to-navigate dashboards. They provide information on key performance indicators (KPIs), including Revenue, Consumer Conversion Funnel, Store Health & Effectiveness.

Manage Day-to-Day Operations in One Location

Data on this level serves to answer in-the-moment questions regarding the day-to-day management of a retail enterprise, such as orders, inventory, fulfillment, customer profile, request for returns, and much more.

Navigate Administrative Configuration with Ease

HQ assists in the administration of the commercial enterprise, including the configuration of third party integration of payment, shipping and delivery, order management, product content information, store master data and employee data.

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Revenue Heartbeat View and compare orders from stores, web, mobile, social, and other channels through a single lens
Unified Inventory View View and analyze inventory across channels in one dashboard
Store Health Monitor and compare revenue, total orders, delivery times, best sellers in all stores at once
Customer Insights View and store the details about each customer journey with your brand in one place.
Performance Tracking View store and associate performance on multiple dimensions
Flexible Configurations Configure services and providers to streamline your business