About Time Brands Start Reading Between the Lines

By Michael Waldron - January 30, 2018

The New York Times once wrote that “waiting in line is a timeless form of torture,” and unless you’re British you probably agree with this statement. The retail industry has found a way of amplifying that torture: waiting in line to simply hand over money to a store associate because you want to buy something. Ouch.

Brands spend millions of dollars each year perfecting a customer experience that revolves around optimizing a frictionless path to purchase. To be competitive in this crowded industry, brands are focused on improving website conversion, offering a plethora of convenient fulfillment options, and other smart ways of taking a customer’s money.

Amazingly, though, one of the biggest obstacles for bettering conversion is largely overlooked by brands – the mobile point of sale (mPOS). Identified as the ultimate “line busting” tool, the ability to checkout customers anywhere in-store significantly decreases lines and ultimately improves conversion. With that said, surprisingly only 21% of brands researched as part of the Mobile Retail Report empowered associates to check customers out on a mobile or tablet device.

The benefits of mPOS doesn’t stop with line busting. If you attended NRF earlier this month, you’d know the focus was on the in-store experience and that brands are exploring ways of empowering associates to build stronger, longer lasting, and more meaningful relationships with customers. mPOS helps with this, as it eliminates the break in sale that occurs when a sales associate hands the customer over to a cashier.  Instead, an associate can support the customer all the way through to checkout, creating a bond that can be later reinforced through clienteling techniques.

If you’re still not convinced about the power of mPOS, I would suggest visiting an Apple store on a Saturday afternoon and then going to Zara. Let me know which experience you’d prefer to offer your customers.

For more data-driven retail research, download your complimentary copy of the Mobile Retail Report.You hate waiting in line. We hate waiting in line. So why do our favorite brands make us do it?