By Appointment Only

By Michael Waldron - January 2, 2018

It was 1:00 p.m. on a Friday. I had spent my lunch hour attempting to create the ultimate outfit on Ted Baker’s website, which was sure to wow my colleagues at the holiday party later that evening. Unfortunately, due to my procrastination, the holiday party would start in 5 hours and it was too late for even same-day delivery.

So it was high time to do some quick math; could I make it to the Ted Baker location on Newbury Street, recreate my online basket in-store, and be back before my boss notices I’m gone?

The answer was no.

I miscalculated two major factors in my time keeping equation. Firstly, I can’t pass my favorite dumpling place in Chinatown without stopping in and picking-up a late lunch. Secondly, it was the holiday season and Ted Baker was absolutely swamped with locals and tourists picking up gifts for their loved ones. So much so, that I had to hunt myself for the items that I had earlier found online, and then try and guess which size I was (pre-dumplings).

While I love their products, my customer experience could have been enhanced at Ted Baker if there was an option to schedule an in-store appointment online. Not only does it provide a level of convenience that most shoppers find valuable, it’s also a really easy way for brands to push online traffic and revenue in-store. In fact, Agendize reports that 60% of sales generated on an in-store appointment in-turn generate an additional 20% increase in upselling. That’s big money.

It’s surprising that our own annual research report uncovered that only 11% of brands currently offer in-store appointments through mobile web or a native app. This is a major missed opportunity in a world where brands are constantly looking to increase in-store traffic and revenue.

As a consumer, I would love to marry the online world of detailed product information with the in-store experience of being able to touch and feel products and discuss them with a brand ambassador. All of that can be solved with a simple ‘schedule’ button…