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Now Is The Time to Embrace Modern POS

Posted by Amanda Nadile on Aug 10, 2021

Excitement for omnichannel is palpable across retail with so much opportunity. The technological advancements might even make you weak at the knees with the possibilities.

While omnichannel is coveted by many, few truly pull it off. Slapping together more and more new systems then strong-arming them into communicating isn’t true omnichannel. Eventually, you’ll need more to keep up with customer demands. Your stack gets confused and polluted.

Omnichannel should focus solely on benefitting the customer—simple, uncomplicated and repeatable. Modern omnichannel is done holistically, combining POS, order management, inventory, fulfillment and clienteling. 

Half-hearted attempts won’t cut it. It’s time to embrace the modern omnichannel platform. There are no excuses left. 

Barriers to Adoption

Omnichannel sounds scarier than it is, but simply put it comes down to three things:

1. Knowing your customers
2. Knowing your stock
3. Using that information to sell more and sell everywhere

Most brands understand omnichannel is the path to value. Yet, some are still testing the waters. They’re dipping their toes into the world of opportunity it presents, armed only with legacy systems unfit for purpose.

Siloed infrastructure can’t stand up to the weight of modern commerce demand. Digital disruptors like Amazon continue to invest and innovate aggressively, putting ever more pressure on your business. Unless you adapt, only one possible ending exists for you. 

You’ve likely experienced the common barriers:

– Time it takes to implement 
– Fear of change

They’re understandable but are simple to overcome.

Breaking Down the Barriers to Omnichannel Adoption

Omnichannel is critical to survival in 2021. The barriers need breaking down.

Time it takes to implement

Tack on new technologies and call it innovation, right? Piecemeal tech adoption and implementation may feel like short-term progress, but in reality they can put you further behind. Those bespoke legacy systems will start to break down. They’ll become unable to talk to other tech effectively and unable to cope with modern consumer demands. 

Modern omnichannel solutions bring together all the elements required for incredible customer experiences in one turnkey solution. All that means is the system is built end-to-end for customers and designed to integrate seamlessly into your current business processes without causing disruption. 

Genuinely innovative solutions natively combine modern POS capabilities, order management, inventory, fulfillment and clienteling. Solutions like this make your store a seamless extension of your ecommerce business, literally at the click of a few buttons. Downtime isn’t an issue.

Fear of Change 

Change is scary. Most of us (your employees included) resist change because of fear. When adopting new technology, we typically hear questions like “can we afford to stop and take the time to change?” or “will our processes and confidence suffer because of this?” 

Maybe you’ve already got your sights on an incredible omnichannel turnkey solution, but you’re refraining from taking that leap because of your organizational culture.

The best omnichannel platforms utilize mobile POS systems, usually with phones to access customer and stock information without ever leaving the shopper’s side. 

That’s an advantage, they’re integral to our daily lives meaning almost everyone is comfortable using one. Over 80% of the world’s population owns a smartphone!

Learning how to use a mobile-based POS is as easy as learning a new app on your phone. Familiar tech like this massively reduces that fear factor that some employees experience when onboarding to new systems. 

Training, therefore, is exceptionally fast. Instead of hours spent sitting in front of a computer watching soul-crushing training videos, your staff can be out on the floor within a matter of hours and giving your customers the incredible service they desire. Retail tech training can be simple

When the new technology you’re adopting revolves around an incredibly familiar piece of hardware, that change is much easier and comes with far less friction.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Excuses for not being able to deliver the omnichannel solutions your customers desire are withering away. You might feel like you’re playing catch up to businesses that have been doing this a while, but you’re at advantage! 

The creases have been ironed out ready for you to jump in feet first and reap the rewards. With the NewStore platform, your staff can be trained and servicing customers in a personalized and meaningful way in less than two hours.

Burton Snowboards, GANNI, and more choose us because they value simplicity in their omnichannel solution. If you’re looking to become an omnichannel organization, get in touch and start the conversation.  

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