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How Clienteling Satisfies Customers and Drives Loyalty

Posted by Amanda Nadile on Aug 31, 2021

Clienteling experiences are setting new loyalty standards. Time to revisit what you thought you knew—experience drives true loyalty now.

Wallets bursting with loyalty cards are a distant memory, usurped by shiny apps. But now customers are tired of purely digital experiences, they crave something more. 

Two-thirds of companies compete on customer experience, and it’s only growing. Steve Dennis, president of SageBerry Consulting, said it best: “Even ‘very good’ is no longer good enough.” You need to amplify the wow. Winning, growing, and keeping customers requires you to create deep customer resonance through unique, memorable experiences. So keep things spicy. Make sure the magic stays alive or your customers will stray.

Dennis outlines eight essentials for remarkable retail: digitally-enabled; human-centered; harmonized; mobile; personal; connected; memorable; and radical. Clienteling, done right, is all of those things.

Total satisfaction beyond customer expectations is the goal. Make sure they’re not faking it and don’t get complacent.

Using omnichannel to take white-glove experiences beyond luxury

Clienteling and white-glove service go hand-in-hand (pun intended). Since top hats and coattails were all the rage, white-glove luxury service has set the gold standard for experience. But it’s no longer just a luxury staple. We’ve swapped coattails for bomber jackets, and customers desire the white-glove experience wherever they shop. 

It’s the deeply personal in-store experiences associated with white-glove service that customers cry out for. We remember the awkward shopping trips, standing around like a lemon in Clarks in your socks. Praying the staff member that vanished into the Narnia-like stockroom on a quest for your new school shoes comes back within the hour. Never again.

Utter devotion and attention to the customer is the driving principle behind white-glove service. Get it right, and you’ll scrub away any trace of disjointed experiences. Savvy modern businesses can use omnichannel technology to enhance and simplify this process. 

But not all have mastered in-store digital yet. Many teeter between investment in physical and digital, never really finding harmony. Where do you start?

Creating a magical experience for every customer begins when you focus on:

You can think of clienteling as white-glove service at scale. Achingly good service, anywhere and everywhere.

Omnichannel clienteling

Clienteling encompasses everything that customers expect, especially the deeply personal experiences that entice customers to visit (and keep visiting) your stores. Omnichannel puts everywhere customers interact with your brand into the palm of your hand.

You need to squeeze the most out of every customer interaction. With clienteling you can, but only when it’s a component of or integrated with a mobile point of sale (mPOS). 

You can’t afford to be a bystander in your sales process. Clienteling as part of a broader omnichannel ecosystem allows you to take the initiative and help your customers see the value of their choice to spend with you over your competition.

With the right omnichannel platform you can sync clienteling with other critical areas of your service (point of sale, returns and exchanges, etc.). Only then will you create worthy customer experiences.

Build it and they will come

The number of transactions is no longer the metric to watch for store success. It’s a social world out there, and every experience is shared. Customers talk to each other more than ever and smashing your customer experience every time to genuinely satisfy customers will get them talking.

Every experience you create should drive the behaviors you want to see more of from your customers. Loyalty comes from achingly beautiful satisfaction. Customers will keep coming back seeking genuine enjoyment, and you’ll keep profiting. If that isn’t the definition of ‘win-win,’ then what is?

GANNI has ditched its old-school retail tech footprint, choosing instead to delight their customers with omnichannel experiences. It has since grown its average customer capture rate at the point of sale by an impressive 900%. GANNI is enabling easy returns and even better customer service…all from a fast and easy-to-use iPhone app.

Taking action to upset the status quo is risky. But not taking action at all is riskier. Get in touch and begin your journey to better retail with support from the NewStore team.

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