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Decathlon U.S. Superstore: Now Open, Runs on iPhone

Posted by Amanda Nadile on Apr 15, 2019

Last updated on February 12th, 2020 at 10:09 am

Go big or go home. It’s an expression used often in sports to encourage athletes to experience something to its fullest. We all know the idiom and have probably used it in conversation a time or two. Take the saying to the retail industry, and you might say most brands are going home. That’s what the media narratives are about these days anyway, with stores closing and downsizing left and right.

But not Decathlon. The world’s largest sporting goods retailer has more than 1,500 stores in 49 countries and just proudly opened a 47,000-square-foot “Superstore” in Emeryville, California. This is the brand’s first full-service store environment in the U.S. It is six times the size of its “Lab Store” in San Francisco, which was opened in Spring 2018 as a market entry point.

Decathlon + NewStore

NewStore forged a partnership with Decathlon beginning with the Lab Store. Decathlon selected NewStore for its mobile-first and cloud-based approach to retail. Together, the companies used learnings from the Lab Store to bring end-to-end omnichannel to Emeryville – which Decathlon hopes will become the framework for its stores globally.

The new Decathlon store is located in the East Bay Bridge shopping center, a major retail node in the Bay Area. It sells its exclusive branded products and apparel for more than 80 sports. The in-store experience is something the brand hopes will not only set it apart from its retail neighbors, but also one U.S. consumers will love.

In-Store Innovation

When you walk around the sprawling store floor, you’ll notice Mobile Checkout Stations. There are no fixed cash wraps or registers in this store – Decathlon has completely rid the environment of legacy point of sale (POS) systems. For the associates, this means they can spend more time shoulder to shoulder with customers – answering inventory questions, helping with product recommendations and testing, facilitating order pick-up at BOPIS lockers, and even mobile checkout. There are no complex workflows to get these tasks done. It’s all done from the store associate’s iPhone, from any corner of the superstore.

The Mobile Checkout Stations are located throughout the store, so customers will never have to wait in line. They can approach any associate and request to pay. The checkout station is RFID-enabled, so by just scanning a QR code an associate can have the shopper’s complete shopping bag in the NewStore Associate App. With the app, the shopper can choose to pay with Apple Pay, gift card, credit card or via NewStore Checkout. That’s right, no cash. The store operates cashless as part of the brand’s sustainability mission to build a greener tomorrow.

Visit Decathlon USA

Decathlon has definitely “gone big” with its superstore. It is committed to innovation and customer service, and both are evident at the new experiential retail center. We are thrilled to be a Decathlon partner as it grows it’s U.S. business!

The Decathlon superstore is located at 3938 Horton Street in Emeryville, California. If you’re interested in learning how NewStore can help your brand build the future of retail, reach out! We’d love to hear from you. 

Full press release: www.newstore.com/press/decathlon

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