85% of retailers consider unified commerce a top priority, but few retailers make it a reality.

One Customer Experience. One View of the Customer.

In reality consumers aren’t looking for an omnichannel experience. They don’t even know what that means. They do want the brand to keep it’s promise everywhere they touch it. The NewStore platform connects your customers with your brand, regardless of how they shop, with the same extraordinary experience at every touchpoint.

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Not All Mobile Web is Equal

Not All Mobile Web Is Equal

Few brands have unlocked the power of the mobile web to drive traffic and ultimately conversion. The world of responsive design was a good start, but optimizing for the mobile web requires quite a bit more than screen scraping. If used and built right, the mobile web is a powerful customer acquisition tool that can lead to native app adoption.

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Mobile Web + Superhero Powers =
The Native App

Your customers are 3X more likely to buy through an app than a mobile website. However, maintaining a consistent app experience across iOS and Android is expensive and time-consuming. Let NewStore design one experience that mirrors itself on iOS and Android, shrinking development resources and allowing you to focus on what matters: the experience.

Mobile Shopping

The Last Mile? First Priority.

It used to be that brands never knew exactly when and where customers would need something. Now they do, because the answer is anywhere and all the time. With NewStore, brick-and-mortar locations can be transformed into virtual urban warehouses, allowing for quick and cost effective fulfillment. You are closer to your customer than you think.

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Unified Commerce is the Goal, Faux Omnichannel is Status Quo

Only 18% of retailers have attempted to patch together a unified commerce system, and of those, two thirds say it needs improvement. Whether it’s making inventory visible across channels or offering fulfillment from any location, NewStore has perfected the unity of online and offline with one mobile retail platform.

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Mobile phones are the most personal device shoppers have. Few people go three hours without reaching for their phones. So why is the phone only converting at 1/3 the rate of the desktop?

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Empower Scalable Clienteling

Your customers expect personalized and relevant communications at every interaction. It’s time to talk with your customers, not at them.

NewStore Unlock Fulfillment
Modernize Mobile Fulfillment

55% of shoppers say scheduling a delivery from retailers is important. From pickup in-store to on-demand delivery to ship from store, consumers don’t mind where your stock is, they just want it quickly and conveniently.