Imagine cloning your best sales associates over and over. That’s the effect of scalable clienteling.

Customer Data + Human Touch = Success

NewStore scalable clienteling will be one of the most powerful advances to bring your customers and brand together. Create customer profiles that sync across your existing systems, deliver personalized recommendations and high-touch customer service—all on one platform.

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Don’t Replace Human Interaction. Enhance It.

60% of luxury shoppers prefer to interact with a sales associate armed with a mobile device. 90% of shoppers leave without buying if they can’t find the help they need. Empower associates with NewStore, allowing them to easily get in touch with and precisely target customers, manage dozens of conversations, and build an app powered “black book.”

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Target Your Customers with Advanced Segmentation

Your customers are individuals with diverse interests and preferences. You need tools that make it simple to analyze, target and communicate with all sorts of customers. Today, even simple things are made difficult for associates. For example, only 27% of brands send out personalized communications after purchase. With NewStore, we’ll give you the tools for personalized customer communication at scale.

We Hate Waiting!

Do you know who likes waiting to checkout? No one. However, only 14% of brands offer mobile POS in-store. Whether you’re looking to provide convenience, or the ultimate customer experience, your customers don’t want to wait in long lines to make their purchase. Bust the line with NewStore.

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Connect the Store, the Associate, the Product, and the Heart

You have your customers’ data, so why not use it to empower sales associates to send personalized recommendations, promotions, and content to whomever they choose. With tools such as conversational commerce and beacon technology, NewStore enables associates to turn love into loyalty.

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NewStore allows brands to treat their stores like warehouses and vice versa, all with a unified view of inventory across all channels.