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Our solution partners support the implementation of the NewStore Mobile Retail platform along with technology partners to ensure successful integration and onboarding. We partner with the best digital commerce consulting companies in the world. Please take an opportunity to learn more about our solution partners:

Technology Partners

Power innovation and integration seamlessly, with NewStore APIs. They are clean, comprehensive, and well-documented, and plug right into the NewStore Order Cloud. They serve not only as touch points with critical business systems, such as ERP, OMS, finance, and third party e-commerce platforms, but also fuel a thriving ecosystem of innovation with out technology partners.

Brands can customize many aspects of the NewStore Mobile Retail Platform. While many of these customizations can be performed through configuration, some of the most advantageous can be achieved using the NewStore APIs. For example, brands can use the NewStore APIs to connect to their preferred payment provider, emerging on-demand delivery services, or the latest reporting tools.

Please take an opportunity to learn more about our technology partners:

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