Customers don’t care where your stock is. They just want it quickly and conveniently.

Instant Gratification. Guaranteed.

Amazon has changed consumer expectations on fulfillment, but don’t worry, you have a game changer in your arsenal – your brick-and-mortar stores. NewStore equips brands not only to ship-from-store, but also unlock a range of omnichannel fulfillment that Amazon can only hope for.

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Modern Fulfillment

Oh Inventory. Where Art Thou?

A great shopping experience requires a single view of online and in-store inventory. In fact, Nordstrom increased online revenue 39% by unifying their inventory channels. A single view not only provides transparency for consumers, but allows you to reduce excess inventory. With NewStore, we provide a single point of inventory truth, providing transparency for consumers and associates, while reducing excess product.

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Unlock Ship-from-Store

Convenience plays an important role in customer engagement. The ability to fulfill quickly and efficiently is paramount for retailers, yet only 2% provide on-demand last mile delivery. With NewStore, we empower brands to ship-from-store, offering localized delivery options getting inventory in consumer’s hands faster, all while reducing transportation costs.

When and Where Customers Need It

26% of shoppers are willing to pay more for same-day delivery. Speed is important, but actually less so than assurance and transparency. Customers no longer want to deal with uncertain four hour delivery windows, so make sure you have the infrastructure in place to meet expectations. NewStore can help.

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Oh Those Millennials...

56% of online shoppers ages 18 to 34 expect to have same-day shipping as an option when they buy online. Customers not only want quick and free delivery, but also a plethora of pick-up options that cater to their busy schedules. But don’t worry you have something that can help win the fulfillment race – your brick-and-mortar stores and the NewStore Platform.

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Unify Experiences Online and In-Store

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